8. April 2013

foto_loopfest_2012_P1010389Four live looping concerts with diffrent musical instruments and genres, about 30 minutes each, with dance and interactive video art (controlled by dance and music, like virtual dance painting).

There will be a break in between and the festival will be ending with a collective improvisation.

June 22nd 2013 at St. Gertrud Kirche, Krefelder Str. 57, 50670 Cologne
20:00 h, free entry, donations will be appreciated by the artists.

Epaminondas Ladas (guitar)
Violalex: Alexander Meyen (violines)
Gizheela: Eela Soley (vocals, sax, flute) und Jean Gilbert (guitar)
Chris Lehmann (guitar n surprises)
Janina Bobrowski (dance, audio visual performance)
Jean Gilbert (multimedia art, augmented reality in arts



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