Eela Soley

"A singer with a voice that causes the world to quake"

born in Zurich, sings, plays the sax and flute and at times the
violin and bass on the album. Also plays in Jazz, World and Free bands,
sometimes on the street, and has an electronic chillout solo project with
technical knick-knack and a couple albums.

"Gil is the biggest inspiration for me since Bobby McFerrin!"


"Moves to other worlds with his guitar, you never have to fly again"

born in France, guitars, bass, arrangement, and programming.
Plays guitars gladly like flying carpets. And programs various live sounding
instruments through software. Artrock/Blues/World without musical barriers in
the head, which already calls the style police on the plan.

"I’ve waited for years for a singer like Eela!"

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Fotos: Luna Dohm


we are happy to work with great artists and special guests:
Gabriela Lang (avatar and 3d dance) www.gabriela-lang.de
Bhadra (percussion, keys) www.bhadra.de
Janina Bobrowski (dance) www.janina-bobrowski.com
Horst Krög (cajon), Abdallah Byaah (dabouka, bendir)

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