Welcome (Yelamoon 2011)

  1. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo Gizheela
  2. Welcome Gizheela
  3. Time Is Like Gizheela
  4. Moa Gizheela
  5. Djimoa Hjidro Gizheela
  6. Oriental Breakfast Gizheela
  7. Yearning for Your Smile Gizheela
  8. Klang Gizheela
  9. Beautiful Gizheela
  10. Law of Attraction Gizheela
  11. Drill Baby Drill Gizheela
  12. Seelenreise Gizheela


World and alternative influenced pop songs with a spiritual background, going from a buddhist mantra, a song about the water, inspired by Masaru Emoto's beautiful photographs, to the law of attraction and to Sarah's oil painting and a lot more.

Total Play Time: 54:10
© all music & lyrics by Eela Soley & Bo Gilbert.
Released on Yelamoon 2011


Eela Soley
vocals, lyrics, flute, sax, bass, violin, drum programming, add. percussion

Bo Gilbert (Gil)
guitars, lyrics, arranging, bass, drum programming, sax & horn programming, synths, add vocals, add. percussion

Special Guests
Ulrike: clarinet (8)
Robert Lindl: conga (9)
Guenther Choir (11)

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Eela Soley & Bo Gilbert 2009-2010  (Cologne/Ettlingen).
Cover artwork (8 pages booklet with lyrics)  by Bo Gilbert
This album was released on May 6th 2011 @ Yelamoon Records and can be ordered there. Press and interested people please feel free to write us.