Music – Tune – Harmony – Transcendency

With improvised spheric loops and sound art, we invite you to inner journeys in a magical meditative space, as you may know from spiritual and ritual music.

Gizheela concerts combined with abstract lights and colours take place in churches, thermal baths, museums and art galleries.

Gizheela feat. Bhadra – Snippets from Live Session, January 2013

Some snippets from our concert in Bilfingen, September 2012

Gizheela – Live in Bilfingen – Gemuetlich by Gizheela

Gizheela – Live in Bilfingen – Illusions by Gizheela

Gizheela – Live in Bilfingen – Experimental by Gizheela

Impression of our concert @ WaldWelt Festival, August 2012:

Gizheela – Wald Welt Festival – Dervish Suite by Gizheela

Gizheela – Wald Welt Festival – Zugabe
by Gizheela